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Dear patients, our medical facility is a centrally located walk-in clinic right next to the mainstation in St.Gallen.


On 365 days a year we treat you in the following medical fields:

  • General practice

  • Internal medicine

  • Minor trauma / Traumatology

  • Wound care

  • Ultrasound

  • X-ray

  • Laboratory medicine

Close cooperation with all the main hospitals and further specialists in the region enable fast asignements if needed.


Our medical staff is fluent in German, Englisch, Italian, Albanian, Bosnian and Spanish.


Opening hours

Monday - Friday:
7am to 7pm

9am to 4pm

Sunday and Holidays: 
10am to 3pm


Our services at the walk-in clinic 

Walk-in Clinic

  • Internal medicine

  • Minor trauma / Tramatology

  • Minor surgery / Wound care

  • Ultrasound diagnostic of vessels, joints, lungs and abdomen

  • Digital X-ray

  • EKG and lung function test

  • Blood and urin test


Ultrasound diagnostic

​We offer a broad spectrum of ultrasound diagnostics and interventions (infiltrations and punctions) with devices of latest technology. Our team around the head of the ultrasound departement - Prof. em. Dr. med. J. Osterwalder (board of directors of the swiss association for ultrasound) - is well trained and experienced. 

  • Abdomen/ bowel including contrast sonography

  • Diagnostic of hernia

  • Pathologies of the lungs as penumonia, pleuritis and embolism

  • Examination of soft parts as tendons, muscles, ligaments and diagnostic of cellulitis and abscess

  • Examination of joints and surrounding structures

  • Vessels: deep and superficial arm and leg thrombosis

  • Interventions: punctions and infiltrations of joints, abscess, bursitis

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